Monday, April 21, 2008

My Best Attempt At A Beefcake Post

I normally don't engage in the gratuitous posting of shirtless hotties around here, not because I'm opposed to it, but because other people tend to do it so much better than I do. So in the interests of doing this kind of thing my way, I'm presenting this to you in the form of a question:


Who exactly does Jesse Metcalfe think he's fooling? Brain injury survivors? Clay Aiken fans? Helen Keller?

I pose this question to you, dear readers.


Nicole said...

Fans of the Lorenzo Lamas series Renegade?

Mollie said...

Is that George Michael?


i don't know but can i ask another question.

what exactly is wrong with his chest. I mean MANY people seem to love it but it's so weird to me. Like an entire shelf of fleshmuscle that's been grafted onto or implanted under the skin. SO WEIRD. (thought it's disguised better than usual now that there's hair.

do not like.