Sunday, April 06, 2008

From His Cold, Dead Hand

1924 - 2008

If anybody was thinking about grabbing that rifle from him, now would be the time.


Anonymous said...


Very classy!

qta said...

love it.

Mathan said...

Y'know, I'm actually kinda sad that the guy died. I mean he was the one guy I wanted on my side in the future; whether it's the post-apocalyptic future of Planet of the Apes & The Omega Man or just the densely populated future of Soylent Green.

Sadly, now I'll have to face those potential futures by myself.

StinkyLulu said...


Mollie said...

How is it possible that I haven't encountered, or come close to thinking of, this joke or anything like it in the days since Mr. Heston passed? And yet I have not. And I'm glad, because oh, this made me laugh. Very nicely played.