Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Trailer Trash: Movies I Thought I Was Too Good For

Watch, then discuss (because I'm now taking my life advice from VH1 reality shows):


I totally thought I was immune to the whole Sex and the City thing. I kind of watched the series, I thought it was okay, I thought making a movie was a bad idea because I don't recall the series finale leaving all that many loose ends...I really thought this particular cultural phenomenon would pass me by. But every time I've seen the teaser trailer in theatres (the teaser, not the full-length trailer that I believe got released last week), I feel this almost magnetic pull towards the screen and I ultimately say -- to whomever I'm with or no one in particular -- "I'm totally seeing that movie." I don't get it. I've even turned the corner on ol' Sarah Jessica Horseface. Maybe there is a gay gene and it's finally kicking in with regard to this show. But if I start calling my friends Mirandas and Carries, you have permission to slap me.


UFC: The Movie. Yeah, not exactly in my wheelhouse. Particularly not starring Sean Faris and Amber Heard. But after seeing that trailer...tell me you don't want to grab 5-10 of your closest friends, head on down to the theater, and laugh your ass off. All the fun of a Step Up style dance movie but with fighting! This could be the comedy event of the season. "Ryan -- he's got crazy skills!" And co-starring two-time Academy Award nominee Djimon Honsou! How can you beat that? That guy who's playing the bad guy is going to get cast as the bad guy in every youth-skewing movie for the next six years. As Tara said to me, "Paul Walker, you have just been made redundant."


Keifer Nandez said...

Unironically, Cam Gigandet (blonde rich bad guy) also played Ryan's nemesis for a while on the O.C. late in the show's run - actually, he was directly responsible for the death of Marissa Cooper.

So basically, he's been in training his whole life for this one role he can play over and over. Good for him I say.

JA said...

You'll get much more than a slap if you ever refer to me as a Miranda or Carrie, Joseph. Remember the dwarf!

jessica said...

Come ON! You know all your friends are total Samanthas.

(Not in reference to any specific friend or friends. Void where prohibited or wherever it might get me slapped.)