Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tonight's Lost

If you haven't seen tonight's episode yet, don't read this post. Obviously.

So I get to play Aaron Cameron tonight and say that I saw both of this episode's major twists coming for the entire hour. Not that it was all that impressive a feat. As soon as I heard it was a Jin/Sun episode, I made the guess that one would be revealed an an Oceanic Six and one would not -- and it would probably be Sun who survived since this show has been flirting with killing Jin since Season 1 -- and so I watched the episode with that in mind throughout. Not that it was that hard to suss out anyway: Jin's running all over town and nobody recognizes him as Oceanic Six despite all the other survivors (including Sun) getting recognized as such? Plus, it just seemed like the logical thing for the show to do.

As for the Michael "revelation," the internet's been all over that one for weeks. I can't exactly claim credit for that one.

Of course, don't confuse "easily figured out" with "bad," because this episode was a dandy, as most of the Jin/Sun episodes have been. It was heartbreaking by the end, and I'm glad that only Hurley was there with Sun at the end. That moment didn't need Jack and Kate around making it all about them. As with the best revelations on Lost, it gives answers (Sun is O6; she and her baby survive the pregnancy) while asking new questions (how did Jin die? Is he even really dead or just presumed dead? How funny was the doctor on the boat when he saw that splatter of blood on the wall and was all, "Well that shoudln't still be there, SIGH."?).

As for the rest of the episode, I like the idea that the people on the boat are essentially telling the truth, and even Naomi's initial Big Lie (that it was Penny's boat) isn't really that big of a lie now that we know it's her dad's boat. I like the idea of the Boaties being secretive but ultimately truthful (the "look, we were just sent out here to fuck Ben up and we come upon you presumed-dead survivors" stuff) while Ben is the one spinning the web of lies and paranoia.

As dastardly a maneuver as it was (and I would've slapped her too), I love that Juliet went there in revealing Sun's affair to Jin in order to get them to stay. That's the Other in her coming out. Her "Ben" side. Hardcore, but after all she's been through -- every patient she's seen die -- you can't entirely blame her.

Clearly Regina didn't actually kill herself by jumping off that boat, or else what a terrible waste of Zoe Bell. At first I thought it was another case of Desmond seeing the future, but it was never made clear whether Sayid (or anyone else) saw her jump, too.

Just a great episode, overall, and one that presents the most pressing question of all...

Does this count as the Island DUI Curse claiming another victim?


JA said...

But Why???? Whhhhhyyyyyyyy? (That's me doing my Sally Field impression from Steel magnolias, btw) Whhhyyy wouldn't anybody come to see Sun at the end except Hurley? Why was she in Korea again? I didn't exactly miss Kate and Jack in the moment - the couple of moments they did show I up I was like, "ugh, go away, this is Sun and Jin's episode, I need a break from you two" but I still don't get why they wouldn't want to come see her baby. If they dislike Future Sun I dislike them!

Joe Reid said...

Well -- and bear in mind that the future timeline isn't entirely clear -- but if Kate was on trial or about to go on trial, she wouldn't be able to leave the country. And as for Jack, it's either a) that this was during his alcoholic giant-beard period, b) he feels guilty about whatever circumstances surrounded Jin's death, or c) he's a selfish asshole. Or all three, really. And Sayid was probably too busy killing people.

As for why Sun was living in Korea again...shrug, iuhno.

JA said...

Right, you do have to figure that Sun giving birth can't be too terribly long after they get off the island, at most, what, six or seven months? I missed how far along Sun was as of this episode's island-time. But anyway, that would probably jibe with Kate's trial time-line somewhat. But Jack was at the trial and clean-shaven and smileyish, so I think we must just rely on it being him being an asshole, which is usually a good stand-by when it comes to ol' Jack.

jessica said...

In an earlier episode, Jin was asking Sun which new-fangled American city Sun would like to live in, and she said she wanted to go back home to Korea.

Near the end of this episode (or in the middle, wherever Juliet is explaining how much time Sun has left), she says she has 2-3 weeks (I believe) before things get wonky in the 2nd trimester. So she's about 6 months from delivery here.

And considering the obviously false stories given by the Oceanic 6, there could be any number of reasons why they would not interact.