Tuesday, March 04, 2008

'Round Springfield

First off, I've been meaning to link to this for some time, but Glark and Pamie have the Dewey Donation System up and running again, so if you're looking to feel better about yourself (and if you're Catholic, you could use some bonus points for Lent) or just looking to fortify some libraries, please do head on over and donate some money and/or books. I hear there are prizes and everything.

Next, please head on over to The Film Experience and give my boy Nathaniel props on his sweet new featured appearance in The Advocate. The gospel of Michelle Pfeiffer has reached dizzying new heights!

Also in this month's Advocate, it seems, Alec Baldwin takes born-again brother Stephen (currently dickwadding it up on Celebrity Apprentice) to task for his newfound views on gay marriage. As if I needed more of a reason to officially forgive him for all that "rude little pig" stuff from last year. She probably is a rude little pig!

THEN, take a hop over to My New Plaid Pants and encourage Jason as he takes his first few tentative steps out into the world as a self-confessed fan of Bob Fosse. I, too, saw Cabaret for the first time last week, and while I wasn't on the record as hating all musicals like some people I know, I wasn't expecting to love it nearly as much as I did. What an awesome movie! Seriously, Liza Minelli may be crazy, but crazy talented as well. And all those bi-curious Nazis, too. I actually think I liked the movie parts more than the music parts (though "Life Is A Cabaret" is a showstopper, for serious). Anyway: awesome.

FINALLY, allow the TWoP blog to remind you about kickass shows that are returning to television. Kickass shows like...Frisky Dingo. Have I mentioned how awesome this show is? Highest recommendation to download the entire series to date and watch it all. This will take you approximately four hours and fifteen dollars. Who are you to turn that kind of entertainment down?

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