Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh, Governor Spitzer, Really!


We had been doing so well with all the major recent sex scandals being perpetrated by Republicans. Republicans!


Kelly Hills said...

You'd really think the Dem's would at least go for some interesting sex scandal. But no, the gay sex in bathrooms and all that torrid and dramarific scandal is in the Republican party. Democrats just get the latest incarnation of the oldest profession. (As someone at school cracked earlier, at least he can say he's supporting old fashioned values... about the oldest one...)

That Bootleg Guy said...

So, Spitzer resigns and is replaced by Paterson - NY's first black governor. And, first legally blind governor and first disabled governor since FDR.

Way to accidentally step into progress, Joe's home state! And, an affirmative action trifecta, no less!

Who knew anyone in California could mock anyone else's governor?!

Joe Reid said...

Man, the Black Crusaders really can get to anyone!