Thursday, March 13, 2008

Of Local Interest

Okay, so if you don't live in New York and take the subway, this will probably mean nothing to you, but regardless I feel like I have to give props to the good people handling marketing for Jameson Irish Whiskey, because their ads totally cracked me up on the train home yesterday. The tagline is "Maybe It's Just The Taste," which seems kind of generic, but the ads all offer other "Maybe it's..." options, most of them being very specific to the NYC subway experience, including my favorite: "Maybe it's because the ads give you something to stare at. So the guy sitting in the map seat can get a break." Because OH MY GOD FOR REAL. I remember when I first moves here and I'd be sitting on the subway and getting really weirded out that people seemed to be staring at me. Was it my hopelessly Upstate clothing? Were they trying to initiate a knife fight? Until I realized I was sitting in front of the subway map and those people were staring at that and not me. It's happened dozens of times since then, and every time I'm like, "Why is that person star...oh, right. Map seat."

I was also happy to find that another blogger had the same take I had about another iteration of the Jameson ad: "Maybe it's because there are nine wrong ways to swipe your [subway] card. But no wrong ways to enjoy a Jameson." I spent the better part of the trip back to Brooklyn trying to add up all the wrong ways and could only come up with seven. Seven! What are the other two ways, Jameson? HUH??


jessica said...

Wow. Now I'm obsessed with it. I thought I had nine for a second, then realized I still only had seven. Maybe waving it OVER the scanner (not swiping through) both face-up and face-down counts?

harlemjd said...

too slow, too fast, expired, upside-down, backwards, backwards AND upside down, buying a swipe (illegal), timed-out (on the multi-ride, you can't use it again too soon, to prevent you using it for multiple people), swiping something that's not even a metro card

I got 9!!
(my favorite Jamison ad is "Because you always know which side of the bottle is going to open.")

NYOne said...

I love these too! The first morning I saw them, I had music in my headphones AND was reading the newspaper over someone else's shoulder, both of which were named in the ads.