Friday, March 21, 2008

Last Night's Lost


Sorry, I just hate the Michael character SO much, and it took about five minutes of last night's show (plus the previouslies) to remind me of that. Yeah, yeah, you're monomaniacal about your son and you want to kill yourself and blah blah blah. Tell it to Anna Lucia (who was oddly not in any of his hallucinations, and when I say "oddly" I mean "because Michelle Rodriguez holds a grudge") and Libby, dude.

The stuff at the end with Carl and Rousseau and Alex took me by surprise, I have to admit. I'd forgotten about the "someone dies" thing by then, and when Carl got shot I was literally like, "Carl?! He's the death?? That is so lame! I mean...ohhhhhhh." That's when Rousseau got it. That was sad, I thought. This is why you never tell your children how much you love them before you try to escape a hail of bullets.

Interesting that they pulled the trigger on the "Tom's a gay" thing (am I crazy or hadn't this been hinted at in some way previously?), but it's kind of very shitty for the one, at long last, gay character on this show to be literally a walking corpse.

I can't believe we didn't get any Zoe Bell in this episode? After all that hoo-ha, are they really going to limit her screen time to reading a book and jumping off a boat?

I really like the idea that Ben and his people see Widmore as the great evil out to destroy them all and Widmore's people see Ben as the great evil out to destroy them all. Is it really just a childish game of "Mine!" between these two over the world's bestest toy? And is Locke ready to throw his hat in the ring as well?

Sorry, I still love Miles. That little shit. Anyone who can get under Sawyer's, Locke's, and Jack's skin so easily is automatically a fave.

Also, you gotta figure this time-moves-differently-on/off-the-island thing is for real, because there's no way Michael had time to get home, have a nervous breakdown, convalesce, get recruited, and go out to sea in the span of however many days last season lasted.

Thank God the show returns April 24 with more episodes, because this would have been a total letdown as a season finale.


That Bootleg Guy said...

They absolutely hinted at Tom's homosexuality in season three. I remember him telling Kate that she wasn't "his type", when she was changing clothes while still a prisoner of The Others. In fact, they might've come right out and said it at some point, too.

Absolutely agree with your thoughts on Miles. He just oozes dickishness ("You're name's not Kevin") and even when he's goat-roped and paraded by Locke in that absurd living room set-up, he always looks in control.

I think I liked last night's ep more than you, but yeah, a muted "boo" from me.

Kris McN said...

I just want to know what the rules are about dying on the island. Locke gets shot and Ivan One-Eye gets fenced but they come out fine (not to mention Michael being unable to kill himself) but Rousseau and Carl each take a bullet and that's it? Are they really dead, or will the island fix them?
I give this ep more of a booo-urns.

Joe Reid said...

Admittedly, it's a GIANT bit of deus ex machina, this idea that so long as "the island" has use for you, you can't die. It explains Locke and Patchy just fine, like you say, but it's also awfully damn convenient.

Anonymous said...

Man, everyone hates Michael! Not me though. To me, Locke is like twelve times more unlikable as a character.

Real sad about Rousseau though. Didn't really bond with Alex and we never got a flashback.