Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm All A-Twitter!

It's only Monday and I already feel like I've accomplished everything I need to accomplish this week. Because, see, I've been informed that I have successfully turned one of my friends on to the late, lamented WB series Popular, and in particular its demented southern belle Mary Cherry (played by the incomparable and underemployed Leslie Grossman).

To celebrate this occasion, here's a YouTube clip. Some industrious fan has finally done the inevitable and condensed the show into just the Mary Cherry parts. Take a gander and then let's go club some baby seals!


StinkyLulu said...



JA said...

I can't watch that; it might give away jokes I haven't seen yet! Torture.

oakling said...

Damn you, internet... "twitter" means something totally different to me now! I was expecting a link to your twitter feed or something, but you meant it old-school style ;)

JS said...

What?! JUST the Mary Cherry parts? That's fantastic.

Season One was an example of doing something right.

Season Two was an example of destroying a good thing.