Friday, February 01, 2008

What Precisely Is Going On Here?

The above image is the latest (first? I haven't seen anything else yet) image from Baz Luhrman's epic-in-waiting, Australia. I have to tell you, it kind of disturbs me. Why is Jackman pressing down so forcefully on Nicole's forehead? Doesn't that look painful? It can't be good for her vertebrae, I'll say that. Also, why is she looking up at him like she's ten years old and he's her dad? And if so, why doesn't she put her boobs away? I'm utterly creeped out. Apparently, so is the horse. It can't even look!

I know Baz is partial to the weirdness, but the twin themes of incest and scoliosis aren't really what I'm looking for in a historical epic.


JA said...

"I agree with every point you made about that photograph, except for you leaving out the fact that Hugh Jackman looks so mighty fine there that any sane person would be more than happy to allow him to leave the indentations of his knuckles in their skull. Okay, sane might be a stretch. I would, though! Damn I'm gonna be in a puddle on the floor watching him in that movie."

--- JA, 2/1/08 5:52pm

Julia said...

Could not agree more, ja. Hugh Jackman can bend my spine anytime.

StickyKeys said...

I love this his line of site goes directly to her boobies. Though I think the magic of the picture is making Nicole appear to have boobies.

I'll see it.