Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sports' Greatest Injuries: Blades of Gory

[Note: I'm only using a jokey title because everything turned out okay and because we laugh so as not to cry. Don't email me.]

So I suppose I should talk about the Richard Zednick story, since a) I was actually watching the game when it happened, b) I've been following the story obsessively since then, and c) once the word "Buffalo" is uttered in the popular culture three times, I show up like Beetlejuice. Anyway, I'm embedding the clip below, and it's not like you see the guy's throat get slashed up close, but the trail of blood and (especially) the terrified look on Zednick's face are both pretty freaky.

Anyway, when Harry Neale (the color commentator) said "I don't think I've ever seen so much blood," I said at the exact same time as Rick Jeanneret (the legendarily effusive Sabres play-by-play guy), "I have," because obviously the Clint Malarchuk thing came immediately to mind. [By the way, don't google "Clink Malarchuk" unless you want to maybe throw up. Way more gruesome a clip. Clint, meanwhile, still hasn't gotten over it, not that I'm surpised.] As bombastic as Jeanneret is, it's that much freakier when he goes silent, and the eerie silence of both him and the Buffalo crowd kind of told the whole story.

But I'm glad to hear Zednick's alive and well, and also that Buffalo has gained this mini-reputation as of late (between this and the Kevin Everett thing) as the city of miraculous outcomes for sports injuries. We're not just chicken wings and lost Super Bowls anymore! The next time one of you sprains a knee playing softball, be sure to let me know and I can arrange for some water from the sparkling shores of Lake Erie (or, oooh! Cazenovia Creek!) that you can rub on your injury. You're welcome!


JA said...

While I'll admit I nearly had to cover my eyes when they showed that accident in slow-mo, I feel let down all the same. What blood? I was expecting a head to go flying.

So do I really not want to google "Clint Malarchuk" or what? As easy a time as I have with cinematic violence, and as cavalier as I just was two sentences back, real world horror tends to scar me if too terribly up in my face.

Keckler said...

Okay, I know it's not hockey, but as you're also a football fanatic, Joe, I'm sure you'd be okay with the mention of Joe Theisman's televised bone-pop here. I don't think you can find a good YouTube of it, but what you do see is Lawrence Taylor grabbing his helmet in horrified guilt after he realized the extent of his tackle.