Friday, February 08, 2008

'Round Springfield

Spurred by the latest Vanity Fair Hollywood issue (the one with all the Hitchcock photos) Nathaniel presents the latest in his addictive series examining VF's Hollywood issue covers across the years. This installment covers the 1998 cover, back when Cate Blanchett and Claire Forlani were both given equal chances to be the next big thing. Poor Claire Forlani. Poor droopy-faced crappy-acting Claire Forlani. We'll always have Mallrats, hon.

Jason at My New Plaid Pants gives me even more reasons to love Mike Vogel.

AfterElton points me towards a UK poll which asked British gays which actor they'd most want to go on a date with. Daniel Craig and James McAvoy I agree with, but Colin Farrell in third place? I'm not sure I'd so much go on a date with him as agree to meet in a secluded place and never speak of it again.

Finally, SinkyLulu checks back in with another post on VH1's Celebrity Rehab, which has become a favorite of mine to the point that, save for Lost, it might just be the best show on TV. I don't even think I'm exaggerating. The levels of bullshit and self-deception and pain and guardedness and trauma that have to be peeled away from these people has them more complex than almost any fictional construction on TV, which is weird when you consider that reality television often flattens and one-dimensionalizes its "characters." I can't imagine, for example, the frustration of having to dig past Chyna's layers and layers of self-protective denial. Or Mary Carey's sense of self (and lack thereof). It's a fascinating show and I think everybody should be watching it.

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jessica said...

I love Celebrity Rehab! I went home for lunch today and saw an episode was starting on VH1 and stayed waaaaay too long watching it. Daniel Baldwin is such a blowhard, I swear to God.