Tuesday, February 05, 2008

'Round Springfield

Defamer points me to another possible reason that I didn't like There Will Be Blood: homophobia?

Nathaniel posts Day Two of his Oscar Symposium at The Film Experience. I've long said that if you love the Oscars, there is no better coverage out there than Nat's, so check it.

The Fug Girls are all over Fashion Week, covering the show, the parties, and Sophia Bush's every move for New York Magazine. Of note: Eliza Dushku! And speaking of the fabulous ladies of fug, check out this delicious takedown of Dear Viggo. I haven't been able to give voice to my underwhelmed feelings about his nomination for the deeply average Eastern Promises for fear of hordes of star-tattooed fans pummeling me, so this was more than cathartic.

Finally, FourFour continues examining the conumdrum wrapped up in a hamburger phone stuffed inside a pregnancy belly that is Juno. I go back and forth on it myself. It's definitely not one of my favorite movies this year, but I can't decide if its more irritating affectations are ever entirely made up for by the brilliant cast and the improved writing of the film's second half.


Deirdre said...

I keep telling myself to not post so much here in order to maintain the illusion that I have a life, but you keep making so much sense, it's hard not to.

First of all, I have never understood the appeal of Viggo Mortensen (I was one of the rare fans of the LOTR books who hated the film (singular; I only saw the first one)). Also, Eastern Promises was fine, but it feels to me like the bath house fight is all people remember of it and Viggo's being rewarded for being so "brave" or some shit.

Second, Juno was plenty cute and anything featuring Amazon goddess Allison Janney is fine by me, but it's overrated and this week's EW piece about how there's never been a teenage badass like Juno MacGuff requires a two word response: 1) Veronica 2) Mars.

SecretMargo said...

Eastern Promises had a bad script but a fantastic director and central performance in my view. They made each other look better and elevated some really bad plot machinations in my view. Viggo totally deserves what he gets for the whole movie (not jsut the famous scene) and David C. definitely deserves more recognition for pushing his body politics in intriguing new directions.

I realize that sounds ridiculously dogmatic, but I was very energized by those aspects of Eastern Promises (btw -- what an awful title)

Deirdre, re: VM -- Word.