Friday, February 08, 2008

One More Link

TWoP managed to land an interview with television persona/horrible face-morphing monster Heidi Montag this week and it's posted now, and...just read it.

Sample exchange ("LB" is our interviewer, "HM" is...well, you know):

LB: You were working at Bolthouse, correct?

HM: Um...yeah.

LB: Can you tell me about working there?

HM: I was doing, like, event planning and stuff.

LB: Did you like doing that?

HM: Yeah, I did. But singing is my passion.

LB: Not event planning?


StickyKeys said...

Oh my God I love Heidi AND I love LB. I think... who is LB? I was thinking of LTG I think. Anyhoo, umm, Heidi = FAIL and I love her for it. That sections is awesome.

SecretMargo said...

Okay I read it, even though I don't watch The Hills. And: wow.

I actually liked this section even better:

LB: Who do you consider your musical influences?

HM: I have a bunch of people I consider musical influences. I would say The Eagles are one. Elvis Presley, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears...

LB: Britney Spears?

HM: Um, not so much now, but before.

LB: Poor girl.

HM: Yeah, I know. Gloria Estefan. I love her. Just a bunch of people. I feel that music is influenced by everyone, actually.

LB: By everyone?

HM: Yeah. I'm influenced by everyone.