Monday, February 25, 2008

Low Res Oscar Week 2008: Post-Game

So like I said in the comments: 12/24 in the predictions, with 5 dark horses sneaking in, which is exactly how things went last year. I have attained consistency! Anyway, as I said on the TWoP liveblog, this was an uncommonly strong set of winners (Marion Cotillard notwithstanding), so good on the Academy. And with Ang Lee, Scorsese, and the Coen Brothers winning the last three Best Director awards, let's hope the "overdue auteur" streak continues next year (...David Fincher??). Since I've had a very bad day sleep- and internet connectivity-wise, I'm going to be very lazy and post the late-night chat Sarah and I had regarding non-American winners, Supporting Actress, and why Mira Sorvino and Tim Robbins need to give their Oscars back. Before I do, here's a pair of clips of my favorite moments of Oscar night:

Joe: Hey, so no American acting winners this year. I wonder if that's a first or not.
Sarah: I feel like that's happened before. Three Brits and a Canuck.
Joe: According to my very rudimentary Wikipedia check...last time 4 non-American acting winners: 1964.
Sarah: Wow, really? It seems like that had happened in recent memory.
Joe: Best as I can research it. I had a feeling it would be very rare. That year: Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Peter Ustinov, and Lila Kedrova
Sarah: Who in the Sam Hill is Lila Kedrova?
Joe: From Zorba the Greek? I dunno.
Sarah: Best Supporting Actress is so often an Academy spazz-out over someone who's never going to do anything worth a damn again. (Tomei)
Joe: Sorvino. Tomei's actually done a decent job of doing good work since then. Mira not so much.
Sarah: Oh, Sorvino. She's not a bad actress, either, but that win was really not a keeper.
Joe: Not when she beat....okay, who did she beat? [Wikipedia break] Oh. Well Joan Allen in Nixon for one.
Sarah: Mare Winningham in Georgia. That was good work. Kathleen Quinlan is a fifth nominee in that race.
Joe: Kate Winslet in Sense and Sensibility...yeah, Mira's gotta give that back.
Sarah: Winslet never wins, it's like a rule. That she didn't get it for Eternal Sunshine STILL makes me mad. ...Oh my God, Babe was up for best director? Hilarious.
Joe: The decision to make the pig talk didn't make itself. That was such a fucked up year.
Sarah: Yeah. That win jobbed Spacey pretty good. He's not a leading man, people, figure it out.
Joe: Director and Picture only matched 3/5. Nothing matched the Golden Globes. Weird.
Sarah: Joss Whedon got a nom for the Toy Story screenplay. Interesting. Oh my God, Il Fucking Postino.
Joe: I know!
Sarah: LOATHED that movie.
Joe: Sharon Stone: Oscar nominee. Batman Forever: Oscar nominee. (for cinematography? Jesus)
Sarah: Well...Norbit.
Sarah: It's a crazy mixed-up world, Joe Reid.
Joe: Also, if Tim Robbins and Sean Penn could've won their Oscars THAT year for Dead Man Walking (when they deserved them), we could have gotten some better winners in the year of Mystic River.
Sarah: If I recall correctly, Robbins seemed embarrassed to have won for that. And should have been. He was fucking horrible.
Joe: Terrible performance.
Sarah: Worse than Linney, and that was the weirdest performance of her career.
Joe: It was a weird performance but a good one if you read the book. Eastwood was at fault for not setting that up properly.
Sarah: Penn, I wasn't feeling it but I didn't feel like it was his fault. That writing, what a mess.
Joe: Robbins just played his character wrong.

And then there were a whole lot of tasteless jokes made about Roy Scheider getting aced out of the In Memoriam, but nobody needs to see that. Least of all Jesus. Non-Oscar blogging (though not entirely) this week, I promise!


Jennifer said...

You have to listen to the audio interview with Glen Hansard after the Oscars...brilliant!

Stacey said...

Hi Joe - Did you hear about the audio mistake during your hometown's Oscar telecast? Doesn't sound like Keith Radford is a "No Country..." fan:

Joe Reid said...

Yep. That sounds like Channel 7, all right. It really has gone to hell since Irv Weinstein retired.

Stacey said...

Oh, I miss Irv.