Friday, February 08, 2008

Lost, Week 2

So, yeah, like I said last week: a new group of outsiders whose trustworthiness is at issue. What I like about Jeremy Davies and Co. is that we immediately know a lot more about them after this hour than we did at the beginning. We don't know everything, and we shouldn't expect to, but it's better than how we kept running around and around with the Others last season.

I should mention that Miles the Ghostbuster (Ken Leung, above) is my new favorite character. So angry! So hyper! So able to communicate with the dead for no good reason! Plus he was great in that mental institution episode of The Sopranos.

I like that whole group, in fact. Davies has increasingly adopted the same squirrely demeanor in all of his performances, but I liked the anthropologist's honest empathy and Jeff Fahey as the pilot is great casting. Mostly, I like that these are honest characters who are taking in what happens in a relatable way. None of the cryptic know-it-allness of the Others. Of course, they're having their strings pulled by that guy from The Wire, but that's what the show is about.

As for the people we didn't just meet tonight, I was amused by the thought of Ben being an eternal island punching bag, and I could get used to Sawyer and Locke sniping at/with each other (rather than at/with Jack). That's not a relationship that's been explored too much, and after the events of last season, with Locke's dad, it makes sense to develop it now.

And as far as meta jokes go, Locke noting that Walt appeared "taller" in his vision was pretty decent. Another good one. I remain more intrigued than frustrated, which is the way to go.


Mathan said...

Wait, did Joe actually mention The Wire?

One day, you're see the glory that you're missing.

JA said...

As for that taller comment, I thought it paid off beautifully with Sawyer's "Taller Ghost Walt" comment.

Man I love Drew Goddard.

Joe Reid said...

Don't get excited, Math, I know that information secondhand.

jessica said...

Really liked last night's episode. New characters, each with their own little flashbacks that also gave us insight into the happenings around the rest of the world in the wake of the crash! For Lost, that's a veritable information overload.

Also love Miles. So snarky!

StickyKeys said...

OH NO! I started reading this all "what is he talking about?" and then realized I hadn't seen this week's ep yet! Well, not spoilt yet... *shields eyes until the weekend*