Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another For The "Why Was I Not Informed?" File

So apparently last month that was a minor brouhaha at an ESPN roast for Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg (that's your first problem right there) where heretofore winning and non-offensive former Cold Pizza host Dana Jacobson got drunk, took the podium, and insulted the hell out of Notre Dame (I believe "fuck Notre Dame" and "fuck Touchdown Jesus" were part of the barrage). Predictably, some people got up in arms, including the "Catholic League," which, in a bit of irony Linda Richman would be proud of, is neither "Catholic" nor a "League" (discuss...). I'm just catching up on this now, likely because the story got buried under an avalanche of Super Bowl and Roger Clemens stories, so allow me to roll this around in my brain for a few moments:

-- You may or my not know my historical opposition to Notre Dame in all its (non-basketball) forms, which certainly posed a challenge while growing up in Greater Irish-Catholicia, NY, but the gasping reaction to this kind of thing is part of the reason why. Notre Dame is not, in fact, a church. It's not the Vatican's Indiana branch. It's not consecrated ground...actually, knowing how fucking crazy the Catholics in this country are about Notre Dame it might be, but it shouldn't be. "Fuck Notre Dame" is in point of fact the exact same thing as "Fuck the Yankees," and everyone seems to be in agreement that that's okay.

-- If everyone's going to react this way to things that get said at a roast, we're going to need to stop having roasts. Because there's no such thing as "non-televised" in this age of the camera phone, so someone's always going to end up recording your off-color comment. Honestly, though, unless you're going full-on Michael Richards at one of those things, I don't give a shit. It's a style of comedy. An outdated style of comedy, perhaps, but not one I'm getting worked up over.

--As an offshoot of this "controversy," now I hear about some Christian group planning to protest ESPN for condoning "goddamn" and the pejorative use of "Jesus Christ" by its employees, which are just as offensive as "nigger" or "faggot," they would like us to know. Oh...Christian protest groups. You're adorable, is what you are.

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Anonymous said...

It probably goes without saying, but to most normal Catholics, the Catholic League is a terrific embarrassment. Whether it's defending the sanctity of Notre Dame or calling for a boycott of The Golden Compass, the organization embodies every reason that we're glad we're not evangelicals. Sheesh.