Thursday, January 31, 2008

Watch Tonight

After you watch Lost tonight and before you go rushing to the internet to talk about Lost tonight, please please stick around for Eli Stone. Your reasons to do so? Greg Berlanti (of Everwood, Brothers & Sisters, and Dirty Sexy Money fame), Jonny Lee Miller (a solid #2 in terms of Best Life Partners of Angelina Jolie), Victor Garber ('nuff said), Loretta Devine (ditto), Low Res friend and fave AB Chao on the writing staff, and hallucinations of George Michael.

I realize the idea of a lawyer who has prophetic hallucinations that take the form of retro pop songs might seem a bit much, but a) it's no queerer than Pushing Daisies and people seem to love that show, and b) the pilot really brings it and makes you give a damn. Even better, it's scripted TV! In this, our long strike-ridden winter of script-less discontent! Enjoy it.

EDIT: I tried and tried to find a video clip of the promo that has Loretta Devine saying, "Who is it this time, Cyndi Lauper? The Go-Gos?" because her phrasing on that is hysterical, but alas.

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StickyKeys said...

I Tifauxed it, can't wait! And ditto on being the #2 soulmate for Angie Baby. Brad is only number one because of the dram, and he ties will Billy Bob because of the drama and the fact it's Billy Bob.

Unless you were going for her brother, which is wrong Joer, just wrong.