Thursday, January 10, 2008


Can Cashmere Mafia just be about Miranda Otto and that's it? I just watched the pilot, and while I actually kind of liked it, in a watch-it-while-I-blog way, the only character I really cared about was Miranda's. Bonnie Sommerville was pretty okay (though I'll have to wait and see if her lesbian storyline becomes much more than bait on a hook), but Lucy Liu was totally blah, and Frances O'Connor, who is an actress I usually enjoy, was actively annoying. With the premise of the show seeming to be that successful women have a hard time keeping a man, you need a strong performer to keep the show from becoming...insulting, frankly. Juliet managed to be ferocious and human without sounding like a collection of post-feminist talking points.

Plus she looks fantastic in every scene, repping hardcore for all the pale redheads out there. She'll keep me watching...for now.

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