Tuesday, January 08, 2008

'Round These Internets

As a blogger, I am shamefully guilty of not linking to my fellow bloggers enough, and much as I don't do New Year's resolutions, I am going to make a concerted effort to do more of that in 2008. Please disregard the fact that the first link in the collection is to...myself. What a jerk.

  • So we've kind of gone off the rails on the TWoP Telefile blog in the past 24 hours talking about, of all godforsaken things, General Hospital. I'd like to blame the strike for this, I really would. If you'd like to catch up on the lunacy, check Miss Alli's original "soap auditions" post. Then I help fill in the blanks for her. Then Sarah posts a pic of the Wolfman. Keep reading on up the blog until you get to the horrifc photo of Jacklyn Zeman as Bobbie Spencer. Then accept my apologies.
  • Over at My New Plaid Pants, wonderful Jason has finally allowed his year-end spectacular to burst forth from his chest and run across the room, to the horrified screams of Veronica Cartwight. Jason's taste in movies is totally particular and awesome, and it makes for one hell of a refreshing wrap-up. Though I must register my objection to his ode to Jason Behr's ass in Skinwalkers, seeing as they cut that scene from the movie, not that I knew that when I maybe Netflixed it last month. Of course, there were totally other reasons to Netflix that movie, right? ...God damn it.
  • At The Film Experience, dear Nathaniel has started to put up his Top Ten list and kick off his annual Film Bitch awards, thereby quelling his yappy readership, for now. These are serious awards given by a serious cinephile and they provide one hell of a time capsule for a given year. If you haven't checked them out, please do.
  • Also: Nathaniel did a podcast! Check out his interview with Marisa Tomei (who seeems lovely), followed by a SAG Awards chat with Nick Davis and someone you might also know.
  • Over at Queering The Apparatus, I've waded into a debate on Hillary vs. Obama, which is good for me because I've let a lot of things distract me from my civic duty to stay politically informed lately. But if the Republicans are insisting on running either Huckabee or Romney in this upcoming election, I'm gonna have to get on the stick with that in a damn hurry, because: hell no.
  • Finally, I'm a butt for being too sick, busy, and devoid of creativity to participate in it, but take a look at Stinkylulu's wonderful Supporting Actress Blogathon that he held on Sunday. Almost everyone I'm considering for my own Best Supporting Actress of the year is represented, and the posts are so good. Such an awesome project.


JA said...

I had to include Jason Behr BECAUSE they edited it out of the DVD, just to make sure at the very least the pictures from said scene survived. I'm doing my civic duty!

And I'm wonderful! And Veronica Cartwright! You goosed my happy-place with that one there. ;-)

StickyKeys said...

TWoP has a blog?~ Man, breakups are hard, I'm so out of the loop now!