Thursday, January 31, 2008

'Round Springfield

Linking to yourself is really crass, right? And yet: go on and read the latest American Idol recap. The Miami auditions were such a chore to watch, so you guys have to make that time spent worthwhile by reading the fruits of my labor.

Best Week Ever has an interview with the utterly delightful Jack Mackenroth from this season's Project Runway. He gives props to Nina Garcia and dishes on the backstage dirt at the Sex and the City movie? Score!

This is from a couple days ago but you have to appreciate the weirdness of Julie Chen passing on all the Sean-Young-getting-blitzed-and-heckling-Julian-Schnabel fun from the DGA awards. If Julie keeps telling tales out of school like this, I'm sure we'll all stop resenting her for being a semi-literate piece of CEO arm candy. No, seriously!

Finally, Gus Van Sant's Milk is easily one of my most anticipated movies of the year. But with Sean Penn as the titular Harvey Milk and James Franco as his special gentleman friend, this kind of thing was probably unavoidable: the rumor is that they want to live together for a while in order to prep for their roles. If you're the kind of method freak that Penn and Franco clearly are, of course they're going to want to spoon for a while before filming starts. How else would the rest of us know that they're so much more serious about acting than everyone else? For Pete's sake...

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