Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'Round Springfield

Okay, first of all? Go over to the Best Week Ever site and just look at the clip they dug up of Ryan Seacrest hosting something called "American Gladiators 2000." So many things going on there that shouldn't be going on. Try and name them all in the comments here.

Low Res football-pickin' buddy Aaron Cameron regales us this week with his particular SoCal no-concept-of-weather take on such subjects as Superbad and the Al Davis Deathwatch '08.

ModFab keeps me in the theatre loop with another Stage Addiction column, including a link to this article in which Clay Aiken claims he asexual. ...Wow. Everybody who read that sentence just went "Mmm hmm" at the same time and I heard it!

In blogiversary news, head on over and celebrate three years of Josh & Josh Are Rich And Famous, one of my favorite just-livin'-in-NYC blogs.

Finally, a pair of old blog entries I came across while weeding out my email folders: check out FourFour's take on John Tucker Must Die (and the resulting Jesse Maetcalfe het-fest), then head into the ...Pants for the best summary of The Departed ever.

1 comment:

Michiewah said...

Okay, so I saw the Ryan "Wee"crest video clip and...Oh. My. GAWWWWWWD.

-What is up with the Clark Kent 'do? Seriously.
-The whole white t-shirt/black basketball jersey look. I hated that shit when it first emerged (which meant I didn't hang around my 'hood too often, since it seemed every moron dressed this way). Another thing: he's wearing a GENERIC basketball jersey. What, that show didn't have enough $$$ in its budget to buy a rip-off copy of a Knicks jersey for 10 bucks (when we still actually cared about the Knicks)?
--"But before we can give away ANY PRIZES..." His voice sounded like his testicles were being slightly crushed. Or something to that effect.
-The plastic muscle suit defies reasoning. The pose he strikes with it on destroys reasoning.