Friday, January 25, 2008

'Round Springfield

Sometimes when I don't get to posting anything until after noon, I like to pretend that I'm blogging on a West Coast schedule. So this collection of links is for you, Eugene, Oregon!

-- TWoP's newly added weekly video feature lets our incomparable Dan Blau run wild on the week's TV highlights, this week making me laugh my way through morning coffee talking about, among other things, Boston Legal. I'm as surprised as you are.

-- The lovely FourFour has the goods on the new cast of America's Next Top Model featuring the shocking return of that Chris Rock doppelganger from last season's auditions. He manages to sum it all up with "Just when you think ANTM has run the gamut of female affliction, genital mutilation comes along." Ain't that the truth?

-- Jason at My New Plaid Pants continues being our hookup for the Michael Haneke remake of his own Funny Games. He also manages to swoon over a sadistic, murderous character for the 800th time, which I think earns him a banner or a cake or something.

-- Finally, Project Runway's ever-awesome Tim Gunn blogs about this week's episode. He doesn't care for Ricky and loves Sweet P and Rami. Oh, Tim, I love you.


JA said...

Cake! Cake! Cake!

jessica said...

One positive of the WGA strike is that I've finally managed to full-on watch Project Runway for the first time in however many seasons. I really, really like Sweet P and I just adore Tim. And Heidi with her cute little German accent and perfect boobs. SO FUN!

secretmargo said...

I could give Tim a Pulitzer for:

On the show, you hear me say, “It’s stunning,” and it’s true that I did say it, as in, “Fix all of this and make certain that it’s stunning.” The editors were stuck with a conundrum


Sweet P's was refreshing, Rami's a better version of Ricky's. Arrgh! Why is my telepathy failing on me so spectacularly! Did I waste it all that time I made Zac Posen sleep with me?