Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Thanks to Jason for reporting on the possible ineligibility of what is probably the single most worthy nomination on the entire Oscar ballot, Once's "Falling Slowly" for Best Song.
The song, “Falling Slowly,” appeared on two albums before the movie came out — a big no-no for the Academy — but the question is, was it written for the movie specifically and then ended up on the CDs as the film made its slow way to release?

My reaction: This is the dumbest fucking...this has been common knowledge for MONTHS, ever since Once began being discussed as an Oscar hopeful. There is NO WAY the Academy went and vetted the songs they vetted and approved the songs they approved and wasn't presented with these concerns. It was a frontrunner for the nomination. What kind of slack-ass vetting process do they have if they declined to make a ruling until after the nominations? This is the Oscars. They happen once a year. What the hell else do these people have to do? Idiots.


Rural Juror said...

Seriously, have people like you and me not been saying this since July? We pointed out that If You Want Me was eligible no matter what rules you use.

jessica said...

Oh, Academy. You're such rapscallions.

Joe, did you get the email about the nominated shorts being screened in NYC on the 16th?

Cal said...

No! This can't happen!

I think they must have already let this slide in the process though, surely? Otherwise that's a waste of a nomination.

Deirdre said...

In other the-Oscars-are-fucked-but-especially-when-it-comes-to-music news, I just read something (I think in EW? Maybe?) that said Eddie Vedder's song from Into The Wild wasn't eligible because it only plays in full over the credits. Hello? What was "I Move On" from Chicago then? If you answered "A cynical ploy to get Kander and Ebb an Oscar that doesn't appear in the film at all" you win the golden pineapple.

Linda said...

If they do this, having fucked the movie by not nominated anything ELSE, they will go to hell.

Joe Reid said...

cal: No, that's what's so maddening about it.

deirdre: Actually, I'm pretty sure they changed that rule after "I Move On" because of "I Move On." So at least that's semi-consistent.

linda: seriously.

adam k. said...

I still don't understand why the two eligible songs were eligible and "When Your Mind's Made Up" etc. were not. Is it just what they were campaigning? Cause "When Your Mind's Made Up" is a better song than "If You Want Me".

Anyway yeah, they really can't just reneg on this NOW. That would be the dumbest possible thing... and if they didn't, "Falling Slowly" would almost certainly win best song. It has no competition.