Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Oh, Right!

So it's 2008 now! I actually missed the clock striking midnight this year, continuing my tradition of raining on the parade of one of my least favorite holidays. But warm wishes for a happy new year to all of my readers. Seriously, I don't say it enough but thanks to everyone who has enough spare time to give a crap about what I have to say. Love you guys!

Hey, and if any of you are inclined towards watching sports, remember that while everybody else is watching college football bowl games, you can be the cool nonconformist who decides to watch the NHL's "Winter Classic": the Pittsburgh Penguins face off against my Buffalo Sabres in the great outdoors and in front of 70,000+ fans at 1 PM on NBC. Represent for B-lo, y'all!

Now I'm off to finish my New Year's Eve by falling asleep to the sounds of Sin City on cable. I got to thinking how as much as I enjoyed the movie (and I did -- I still love Rory Gilmore's "Oh sugar, you just went and did the dumbest thing in your whole life" so very much), I think I ended up being more energized by the marketing campaign than anything else. Between those bitchin' posters and not one but two trailers, the first of which still holds up as one of my all-time favorites. Ringing in the new year with a trailer for a two-year-old movie -- that's not bad luck, is it? Like toasting with water? Ah well:


Glark said...

Happy Birthday Joe! See you at the office (speaking of raining on things).

Glark said...

Wow, did I write Happy Birthday instead of Happy New Year? I don't even drink!

Joe R. said...

Heh, I just thought you were being clever.