Friday, January 18, 2008

An Ode To: Marc and Amanda

I know I've said this a billion times before, but if the show's going to keep reminding me, I'll keep paying it forward: Michael Urie's Marc and Becki Newton's Amanda are so much my favorite parts of Ugly Betty. I love all the characters, really, but none more than those two. Yeah, yeah, getting giggly over the stereotypically true adventures of a fag and his hag is not politically correct anymore. Don't care. Too much to love.

My feelings about Ugly Betty have been remarkably consistent, and here's how I best explain it: Betty and Daniel are the meat and potatoes of the show, while Marc and Amanda (and Justin and Wilhelmina and Hilda and Christina) are the ice cream sundaes. And while I know and accept that you can't just have ice cream sundaes all the time -- both because it's not good for you and it'll make the sundaes seem less like a treat -- nonetheless it's understandable that I might want just one day where I get my dessert first and my dinner second. Last night's episode was kind of like that, particularly with Betty getting all 'shroomed on poisoned perfume. It was delightful. Of course, then Marc and Amanda had to go and blow my mind by having a genuine moral breakthrough (albeit while situated inside Amanda's dead mother's former sex dungeon, love this show). Great work by Urie and Newton there. In the fake soapy world of Betty, where lessons about honesty and inner beauty seem to come every week, Marc and Amanda's shallowness sometimes seems to be the only realistic thing happening. And their growth -- inch by self-obsessed inch -- seems more honest. Plus they make me laugh.

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Brooke Cloudbuster said...

This is where I squee! I did a post about how much I love this cast a few hours ago. And it's so true.

I've yet to see the second season, but both actors have great comic and dramatic moments in the first season. Newton with the whole Amanda-loves-Daniel subplot, which was handled very nicely and surprisingly realistically for the character and the show. Urie had the coming-out episode, also handled very well.

But the comic ability that both actors have is really remarkable; I love what Newton can do with her eyebrows.

Also, have you seen their audio commentary on the episode where they all get caught out at The Rack? Totally hilarious and they seem like real friends even off the set.