Saturday, January 26, 2008

Doug Liman's Go, In Pictures

This is a photo-heavy, thus slower-loading post, so I'm putting it all after the jump. Seeing as I have no real reason for posting this beyond the fact that this movie a) was on HBO tonight, and b) is one of my personal favorite movies of ever, I see no need for a real introduction.

"You know what I like best about Christmas? The surprises. I mean, it's like, you get this box, and you're sure you know what's inside of it. You know, you shake it, you weigh it -- you're totally convinced you have it pegged. No doubt in your mind. But then you open it up and it's completely different. You know: wow, bang, surprise!"

"You can't put bleach in the same bag as food. It's poison."

"There's an opera about him. Xerxes. I took Music Appreciation. Twice."

"Hey Ronna. I just did you a favor."

"And here I thought you just gave me head."

"...And I am a happy man."

"Xiang Kai-Shek. Famous Chinese ruler. Starts with 'X.'"
"No, 'C'. Chiang Kai-Shek."
"You're going to die."

"I just wanna make a deal here. Can we?"

"Who the fuck are you? Monty Hall?"

"Hi, I'm Kelly and this is Donna. We were wondering if you wanna hang out."

"It's like...floating. Like...'Hey, man, how's the ground
down there?' and shit."

[This expression, after Ronna gets run over and Todd doesn't know what the fuck is going on, is one of my favorites in all of movies.]

"I told you my mother's mother's mother was black."

"Your mother's mother's moth-- this ain't Roots!"

[To make up for the relative dullness of the Vegas segment, with the half-retarded British guy and all, maybe let's dwell on the presence of Timothy Olyphant in this film for a moment.]

[There he is.]

[There he is again.]

[And again.]


[Zack and Adam.]

"Gay men are so hot. It's tragic."

"So, Zack, would you say you're open to new things?"

"See, now that...There was a tongue there."

"I take no responsibility, I was only an innocent bystander.But there was this one time, you missed each other by, like, three minutes. It was so exciting!"

[It should be noted that while Jay Mohr plays the least convincing homosexual in all of movies, Scott Wolf is pretty great. ]

"The one thing I will give him credit for is the oral. The oral was good."

"What do you mean? He was terrible! At some point, I had to stop him and correct years bad technique. I actually grabbed him by his ears and retrained him from the throat up."

[So blah, blah, everything works out and we all get to bask in Katie Holmes's sideways half-smile.]

[Not to mention one of the best final lines ever...]

"So...what are we doing for New Year's?"


StickyKeys said...

Effing love Go. Go made me love Katie Holmes, which was a HUGE task.

Man I need to get this on DVD. They need a full features one with commentary and all that crap. Timothy Olyphant was hott (see him kissing guys in Broken Hearts!) but I think Fitchner (sp?) outdid them all. Come on man, AMWAY! Soo good.

Joe Reid said...

Fichtner was the best, absolutely. I had come u with a whole hierarchy of the performances in this movie, and it goes like this:

1. Fichtner
2. Sarah Polley
3. Timothy Olyphant (saw Broken Hearts Club -- Berlanti, duh!)
4. Scott Wolf
5. Katie Holmes
6. Jane Krakowski
7. everybody else
27. Jay Mohr

Also, I have to say I'm super unsatisfied with this post. I like the photos I chose, but the quoting of dialogue verbatim didn't really work. I might tinker with this and come up with something better this week. Sorry -- I shouldn't blog after midnight. I'm like a digital mogwai.

SecretMargo said...

Well, however you do it, thanks! This is one of my favorite "watch again when I need to be soothed and entertained but not rendered unable to do anything else but watch and say all the lines with the characters, which is what happens with The House of Yes" Plus: my copy's VHS! Old Skool!

I love Nathan Bexton, too, although it may be Araki love-runoff. (See also: Christina Applegate) (Also: Sorry about the phrasing. Ew.)

Joe Reid said...

Heh. Yeah, there's a lot of love runoff in Araki movies. But I wouldn't know from Nathan Bexton in his movies because WHY THE FUCK IS NOWHERE NOT ON DVD??

Anyway, thanks!

SecretMargo said...

Goodness, I guess I have that on VHS too. I'm running a museum!

Also not on DVD: Freeway II: Confessions of a Trick Baby.

At least I don't have a big stack of laserdiscs, though, right?