Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Puffs Plus

What, exactly is the deal with the tissues soaked in Vicks vapo-rub?

You think I'm being dramatic when I say "soaked," but seriously? I can't think of a word that better describes how loaded down these tissues are with the not inconsiderable scent of menthol/eucalyptus. It's like wiping your nose with a koala bear, or so I've been led to believe.

I get the probably medical benefits and all, but when it makes me actually not want to use the tissue because it makes me think I just smoked a pack of Marb greens, it kind of defeats the purpose. Haven't tissues reached the point where they pretty much can't be improved upon? They're softer, stronger, they have that cool dispensing design where one is always at the ready...what more do we need? Nothing. Nothing more is what.

[Of course, that being said, if anyone in the product research community is currently working on a design that allows tissues to self-destruct once they've been used, please continue to do so. That's the final frontier for kleenex, I think.]

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