Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wanted: Help From A Person With A Stronger Constitution Than Mine

So I never picked Nip/Tuck back up when it started its new season in October. I meant to, I had made my friend John promise to watch it along with me, I even scored a screener of the first two episodes, but...I justs didn't watch it. Last season was so bad, and I already have enough shows that I don't have enough time to watch.

But I'm flipping through the channels right now and the latest episode is on, and...okay, there are still problems. Christian has become less of a compelling character and more of an unrelentless jerk without rhyme or reason, and combine that with the ever-detestable Sean and that's two main characters who I hate. But I am intrigued. This week's reality TV gambit is a possible shark-jumper, but it at least made me pay attention. And there's lesbian drama everywhere now. And there was Leslie Grossman and VH1's New York! I may have passed out at that last one.

So I have to put this to you readers: anyone still watching Nip/Tuck? Is it still stupid or am I going to have to seek out a way to catch myself up on the season? Was this just a one-episode thing for Leslie Grossman or does it look like she'll be sticking around. Hey, if the strike is putting the kibosh on the rest of the TV season, I'm gonna have to watch something.


AB and the Bear Suits said...

I stuck with it through the resolution of the Carver drama, because yowza. After that, I couldn't bring myself to go back. My family has left all of this season's episodes languishing on TiVO which makes me think they're done too.

Mich said...

Well, I am watching it and I think this season is better (lighter) than last season. I think I mostly watch it for Julian McMahon. During pretty much every episode I declare that I am not old enough to watch the show. And I'm 30. And a doctor.

Mathan said...

I too am continuing to watch the show.

The first two eps this season were really strong. They were lighter and generally lacking Matt, Julia and everyone else.

The quality has dipped a bit with the return of both Julia and Matt, but it's still good for some entertainment, especially seeing Christian in full hater mode.