Saturday, December 15, 2007

Something You All Should Know

God, this is weird. Mom and Dad, if you're somehow reading the blog today, you might want to skip this. I have a strange and uncomfortable (but exhilarating!) announcement to make regarding certain things I've recently discovered about my life. I think...I think I have a girlfriend. I don't know! It kind of happened all at once. I saw her across a crowded room -- it sounds like a total cliche, I know! -- and by the end of the evening, there was no denying it: I was in love. This girl, right here:

Because, see, I saw Xanadu on Broadway tonight, and this lady -- Miss Kerry Butler -- is quite simply the most awesome thing I've seen in quite a long while. And sure, the fact that I saw her in the midst of the single gayest thing I have ever seen in my life might make the whole "girlfriend" thing a bit dicey. And yes, the fact that notorious Broadway hottie Cheyenne Jackson was absent from tonight's performance probably cleared the playing field for her (seriously, Cheyenne, you're lucky Curtis Holbrook was totally adorable in your stead, but you still owe me one), but regardless: love her. Don't plan to start shutting up about her any time soon.

I feel like I'm way late to the "Just fucking go see Xanadu" party, but seriously. Go see it. The cast is phenomenal (no, Jackie Hoffman and Mary Testa, I love you!), the camp is undeniable, the shorts are totally short, and the Australian accents are ooowwf the chayyyyn.


Tara said...




I totally bought the soundtrack, if you want to borrow it.

Joe R. said...

Yes! Please!

I was so regretting not buying it when I got home last night.

And if you think I didn't spend a good hour watching scraps of footage on YouTube, you're damn crazy.


yaaaay another fan!

to borrow something else besides the accent from Olivia Newton-John, Kerry Butler is totally totally totally hot... give me what you got totally hot totally totally totally hot

she was also positively smashing as Penny Pinkleton in Hairspray a few years back

StickyKeys said...

What's the point of a little icon if you can't personalize it. Blogger is sooo vain

(it probably thinks this post is about... oh never mind).


zooplah said...

This was just freaky. That's all I have to say about it. You mean, they turned Xanadu into a musical? I can understand it for, say, The Lion King, Legally Blond, even The Producers... they were all decent movies to begin with, but Xanadu?

I also don't understand how musicals aren't dead and why you'd get so up on an actress because, if I understand this correctly, she has a decent set of pipes and an accent.