Friday, December 28, 2007

Guilty Pleasure No. 6

This is something of an addendum to yesterday's Best of TV post, but I just spent half a day watching a marathon of A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila, and I am pretty much shocked at how much I sorta dig it. I mean, sure, on one level it's a total, shameful mess, and I feel guilty indulging in the "crazy, dramatic, violent lesbians" stereotype (though, seriously, a world without crazy, dramatic, violent lesbians would not be worth living in, I promise you). And obviously Tila Tequila herself kind of sucks, but she sucks in a way I wasn't entirely expecting. She's just kind of lame and tries way too hard to be controversial and this Pussycat Dolls brand of "sexy." But she did a pretty good job of whittling the competition down to a handful of people who...weren't all that objectionable. Seriously, you stack most of these people against, say, the Big Brother cast last summer and it's no contest. And there were several moments that were almost...sweet? It's weird. I'd say I owe MTV an apology, but I'm 99% sure the general inoffensiveness of this show was totally an accident.

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