Sunday, December 02, 2007

Capsule Review: August Rush

Movie: August Rush
Director/Studio: Kirsten Sheridan / Warner Bros.
10 Word Review: The worst-written movie ever to make you cry. This year.
Best Thing About It: No matter what you may think of the hokiness of the "music is all around us and connects us to each other invisibly" premise, first-time director Kirsten Sheridan conveys it well. She works in the kind of heavy emotion that made In America (which she co-wrote and her father Jim directed) so powerful. It's hard to get that exactly right, and she doesn't entirely succeed here, but I place the blame for that mostly on...
Worst Thing About It: ...that godawful script. Some of the worst, most on-the-nose, clichéd, predictable dialogue I've seen in a movie this year. It takes all the air out of the movie, from the very beginning.
Best Performance: I always found Freddie Highmore to be the kind of beady-eyed, overly-aware child actor that I most cannot stand. Gave me the creeps. But he's quite likeable here -- he's still mostly just doing the cute kid thing, but he doesn't make me want to cast him back to the Village of the Damned from whence he came, so that's progress. It should also be noted, when discussing the cast, that I could stare at Keri Russell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers staring at each other all day.
Oscar Prospects: Nil.

Grade: C

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