Sunday, November 04, 2007

Smooth Joey Apollo's '07 NFL Picks: Week 9

Last Week:

Aaron: 9-4
Joe: 9-4

Season to date:

Joe: 78-38
Aaron: 74-42

Arizona at Tampa Bay

Aaron: Dueling two game losing streaks for a pair of teams that are surprisingly similar. F*ck you, "parity". And the horse you rode in on. Pick: Tampa Bay

Joe: Okay, these are my annual "It's late, I'm drunk, and it's late, so I'm making this quick" picks.'s come to this. I'm picking a team without having the first clue as to who's starting at QB. Kurt Warner? Tom Rattay? Neil Lomax? Pick: Arizona

Carolina at Tennessee

Aaron: Not sure if the Titans are THIS good, but they can run the ball and Carolina's defense is no great shakes. Oh, and the Panthers are currently playing with about 1/5th of a legit NFL quarterback. Pick: Tennessee

Joe: Yeah, but Vince Young is decimating fantasy teams nationwide. Pick: Carolina

Cincinnati at Buffalo

Aaron: The Bengals' passing game still has a pulse, while me thinks the Bills are looking ahead to next week's automatic 'W' vs. the Dolphins (followed by a disemboweling from the Patriots the week after next). Pick: Cincinnati

Joe: I was tempted to disagree, but: the Bengals were able to handle the Jets, a team that's definitely worse than Buffalo, but only 13-3 worth. Pick: Cincinnati

Denver at Detroit

Aaron: This week's Sports Illustrated has a piece on Broncos' QB Jay Cutler and compares him to a competitive bodybuilder with the same name. While I might be the only guy left who still reads SI, I'm not crazy enough to take either Jay Cutler on the road. Pick: Detroit

Joe: I'm still picking Detroit at home. Pick: Detroit

Green Bay at Kansas City

Aaron: I see there are still people picking against Brett Favre on Monday Nights. Blasphemy! The more you people hate him, the stronger he gets. He's like that goo from Ghostbusters 2. Pick: Green Bay

Joe: I thought the Generals were due! Pick: Green Bay

Jacksonville at New Orleans

Aaron: The Jags are 3-0 on the road this year and have beaten better teams than the Saints. But, a win here would give the national media that whole "Saints are Back!" headline that played so well for, oh, a week or two, last year. Pick: New Orleans

Joe: See, this is the game where everyone remembers that the Saints aren't making the playoffs this year. Pick: Jacksonville

San Diego at Minnesota

Aaron: The Chargers' schedule gets a whole lot tougher starting next week. For now, they'll fatten up on another Alcorn St. I know I'm in the minority when I say: "Come onnnnnnnn, next week!" Pick: San Diego

Joe: Wow, that détente didn't last long. Pick: San Diego

San Francisco at Atlanta

Aaron: Not exactly the Deion Sanders v. Andre Rison End Zone Dance-Off match-up from nearly 15 years ago. Back then, the "F" in NFL stood for fun. Pick: Atlanta

Joe: Your points of reference for this matchup are comical to me. Pick: Atlanta

Washington at N.Y. Jets

Aaron: I remain one of the last few holdouts on the Redskins. Solid defense, sure, but their most impressive win of the year was against the mediocre Eagles. Lucky the Jets are mediocre-er than Philly. Pick: Washington

Joe: The Kellen Clemens era begins the same way it'll end. Pick: Washington

Seattle at Cleveland

Aaron: I have no earthly idea what to make of the up-and-down Seahawks, but I do know that the Browns have the NFL's worst defense and a handful of wins against some of the league's worst teams. Yet, they couldn't beat the Raiders? Pick: Seattle

Joe: I really should pick a home team. Pick: Cleveland

Houston at Oakland

Aaron: 2007 season highlight for Bay Area Raiders fans: Because they couldn't sell out in time vs. the Texans, their game will be blacked out locally and viewers will get the Colts/Pats tilt, instead. Hooray Draconian broadcast rules! Pick: Houston

Joe: It makes me angry that this is the first you're hearing of blackout rules. Pick: Houston

New England at Indianapolis

Aaron: They're playing this week?! Hahaha...see what I did there? And, it's even funnier when every sportscaster/sportswriter leads off his piece on this game the same way. All f*cking week. Pick: New England

Joe: I'd love to, but I can't. Pick: New England

Dallas at Philadelphia

Aaron: NBC might want to push for an earlier start to those interchangeable "flex games" on their broadcast schedule the next time their TV contract is up for renewal. Just saying. Pick: Dallas

Joe: Now that the writers have gone on strike, I'm thinking NBC might just want to extend the NFL season to "forever." Pick: Dallas

Baltimore at Pittsburgh

Aaron: Hey, it's another AFC North defensive struggle 12-9 field goal fest in primetime. Can't get enough of those. Pick: Pittsburgh

Joe: I'm secretly overjoyed that Willis McGahee left Buffalo for more hot-bitch-laden pastures and ended up in a division where he plays once a year in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. Feel the glamour! Pick: Pittsburgh


Justin said...

Might soon be time to pick with them Bills. Well, except for that Pats game.

Joe R. said...

Hey, I keep picking against them and they keep winning. I can live with that arrangement.

Mark said...

It's inexplicable. It literally makes no sense. You may have already heard this, with where you work and all, but it's all over the local (Rochester) news tonight. The Bills-Pats game from Ralph Wilson stadium...will be on Sunday Night Football. No primetime games in forever, and then twice in one season?