Monday, November 19, 2007

Programming Note

I'm working from home today, and since The Price Is Right just isn't the same without the rest of the TWoP bullpen crew, I'm watching a marathon of The Real World: Sydney on MTV. I haven't watched any of this season at all, and I've heard it's terrible, but I've also heard that people keep moving out/getting kicked off at such a furious rate that they might run out of rommates by the end of the show. That kind of outweighs by earlier objection that it was too hard to tell the one vapid blonde from the other, idential vapid blonde.

HOWEVER, an even better recommendation for this marathon -- going on right now on MTV, go watch it! -- is that it's being broadcast in Coral Vision, with former Real Worlder Coral Smith getting a platform to break into the middle of episodes and make fun of the show. If you love Coral like I do -- and you totally should -- this is the best thing to happen to this dumb, crappy show. Sample quote, re: Shauvon's hideous outfit: "Are those shoulder pads? Jesus, Gloria Estefan!"

Love ya, Coral!

UPDATE: Coral is now being joined by her The Duel teammate Evan From Ontario. It's fucking hilarious. Don't think I won't keep you posted on this shit all day. You're all lucky I have work today or else I'd probably be liveblogging it. Shut up.

UPDATE #2: Now it's Coral and Kenny, who I normally like but he's being kind of creepy-ogler guy. Though, true to form, he's kind of winning me over by making fun of that bumpkin stereotype and some rando ugly bartender. Oh, Kenny. I'm not proud.

UPDATE #3: "A bird just told Isaac his grandpa died." This actually happened. Where has this season been all my life?? Seriously.

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