Thursday, November 15, 2007


You knew the new season was already hitting its stride once Nina Garcia unleashed her first "I'm confused..." of the season. Love her.

Ah, Project Runway. Any fears that my love for you had faded after over a year off the air were unfounded. Though the consensus around my viewing party was that "make it work" is now officially played out as a catch phrase and needs to be de-emphasized in favor of the Tim Gunn's Guide To Style staple "That's a lot of look."

My early favorites are Jack and Rami:

Which ultimately means that I'm shallow. No, but really, check out their designs:

Rami's was a little slate-gray-toga-party, maybe, but Jack's was overlooked perfection.

So who else watched? How did you like it? And..."Sweet P"?


Carrie Ann said...

I felt like the premiere was way too meta. I understand that all the contestants are excited to be ON PROJECT RUNWAY, but it sort of takes the viewer out of the moment when they keep harping on all the little PR trademarks and cliches (one of the gays was like "We walked into the workroom and saw the mannequins and it was like, "Oh my God!"). It would be fine for the first five minutes of the episode, but I felt like the whole thing was like that. It kinda turned me off.

Jon said...

The premiere did not disappoint. And Joe? Jack and Rami are my favorites so far for both the shallow and the talent reasons. But also, on the talent end, I really liked Chris' purple gown. That was gorgeous.

Scarlettb said...

Oh, that purple number by Chris March was fabulous. I didn't even remember that he was by far and away the last one to the tents when I saw it.

I can tell now that I am going to hate Elisa with the fire of a thousand suns. Fabric flowing "like magic" (does magic...flow?), and getting tripped over by the model?

adam k. said...

Jack looks like an animatron. He scares me. Rami, however, is sexy and amazing, with an awesome name to boot. Plus, he's talented. I love him.