Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Red Sox Bandwagon Is Officially Full

Also: Patton is rooting for the Nazis in World War II, Alien is rooting for Predator in their next movie, and the Hatfields are rooting for the McCoy's in the neighborhood softball tournament. I mean, really.
As if I needed one more reason to see Rudy as an unprincipled sellout. For shame, sir!


StickyKeys said...

Well he'll never be president that way!

Neel Mehta said...

Reminds me of that carpetbagger Hillary Clinton, who claimed to be a Yankees fan even though she's from the land of the Cubs. She made up some lame excuse about choosing the Yankees when she wanted to root for an AL team.

The correct answer is "I grew up a Cubs fan, so I can appreciate how New York fans get behind their teams." For someone so calculated, who had presidential aspirations even back then, Madame Senator drew the ire of all the nation's Yankee-haters.

(Carpetbagger, okay? I only called her a carpetbagger.)