Monday, October 01, 2007

Recommended-to-Avoid TV Show of the Night

Hey guys! Don't forget to not watch Dr. Steve-o tonight on USA, after wrestling. I had nearly forgotten that I was planning on not watching it tonight until I saw its utter obnoxious and intrusive ad on just now. I mean, I would have probably remembered to not watch it anyway, but who knows? My girl Beth is on RAW now (and kicking ass -- go, Beth!), so it's conceivable that I would have left the channel on USA long enough to be accidentally exposed to the deserate grab at continued popcultural relevance by Steve-o and Trishelle Canatella. I'm not sure which is radiating more palpably from that "naughty nurse" ad, the desperation or the crabs. Seriously, Trishelle, when you end up being the least interesting person on the Real World Vegas reunion series, it's maybe time to re-enroll in community college.

Anyway: don't be too busy not watching Journeyman tonight to also not watch this. My public service to you, dear reader.

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