Monday, October 22, 2007

On My Plan To Bite Off More Of This Holiday Than I Can Possibly Chew

So, it's weird. I love Halloween, but I don't always choose to participate in it. Picking out a costume is a total hassle and way too much pressure to be clever and/or impressive, so I usually don't, and while I totally love a good horror movie, I tend not to seek many of them out, especially the old ones. But much like Christmas, it's the pervasive atmosphere of the holiday that I appreciate the most. Which is why it disappointed me to the point of anger when I checked the TV listing for this week (nine days 'til Halloween) and saw virtually none of the cable channels engaging in the week-long horror-fests that I remember when I was a kid. Remember when USA would marathon all those shitty Friday the 13th sequels? Now it's a marathon of shitty Monk episodes. OCD is not scary, all due apologies to people who suffer from that horrific ailment. SciFi Channel, for shame!

Of course, some cable channels have not shirked their seasonal duties. Thank God for AMC and their weeklong Monster Fest. So with precious few options available, I just started scheduling these movies to record. If I can't rely on a marathon of scary crap to veg out to while I distractedly pop candy corn into my mouth, I'll have to create one myself.

And since no time-wasting televisual project like this should go undocumented, I'll be blogging about the movies as I watch them. I'm currently set for 16 movies in 6 days, so the added bonus of reading these entries is to watch my meager little brain explode. So we both win! Join me, won't you?

Coming Soon: He who falls asleep from boredom behind the rows

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