Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Hold On To Your Potatoes, Dr. Jones!"

While I probably could have done without standing for the last five hours, I have absolutely no complaints about the show the Comedians of Comedy put tonight on at Irving Plaza. No Zach Galifanakis, unfortunately, but to a man (or woman), every single comedian was on point. Aziz Ansari was new to me, but because of him I now know about Human Giant (who knew MTV was still making guilt-free programming?). I hadn't heard of Eugene Milman before either (I am in the distinct minority on that, and for good reason), but I really loved his style.

Patton Oswalt was, no surprise, brilliant, and he had an update on the KFC Famous Bowl, and its "foods that shouldn't be" cousin, the Mega Leg. Maria Bamford was about 100x funnier than I've ever found her, ever. I always thought she hit the funny-voices thing too hard and too often in her TV appearances, but she was so brilliant tonight, and Tara has become quite enamored with her assessment of world history: bugs, Jesus, top hats, diet soda.

My favorite performer of the night, though, was Brian Posehn. Next to Oswalt, he was my favorite in the Comedians Of Comedy DVD, but tonight he made my face hurt, I was laughing so hard. He dubbed his own junk "Short Round" in an early bit, which led to the quote that serves as the title of this post, which led to me breaking my face muscles. And he just went off from there. I almost typed out all my favorite bits, but A) there are too many, and B) it's not funny if I talk sbout them.

So I guess the message I'm trying to get across is: You had to be there. God, what an asshole I am.** Sorry, guys.

**Yeah, speaking of assholes, confidential to the bag o' douche high-fiving people and slip-sliding his drunk ass in front of me and my friends at the show: nobody has ever liked you once in your entire life. Even your friend who you came to the show with kept making the jerk-off motion at you behind your back and apologizing to everyone for you being such a fuck.

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Glark said...

Also just when Patton when into old material we had drunkee McGee to provide local entertainment. Win-win!