Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Gorge-Fest, Day Two: Hostel

Movie: Hostel (2005)
Director: Eli Roth
...Who Went On To Make: Uh...Hostel, Part II
Channel: Showtime

First Impressions: Huh. Well this wasn't how I thought this horror-movie-appreciation feature was going to go. I didn't like this movie. There were some good parts, not that the movie was interested in getting to them all that quickly, but as a whole, it just felt very unsatisfying. The dominant impression I got was one of Eli Roth rushing like hell to get this movie made and not taking the time to make it all work. Motivations are tacked-on, big setpieces are over too quickly for that feeling of unbearable tension that you need to have in this kind of movie. It's weird, because this is a movie that takes forever to get going, and yet by the time it's over it still felt way too rushed. Waste the first half of the movie following the guys catting around Europe if you want to, but for God's sake don't make that part boring! The weird misogyny is another story. I don't even mean the conveniently topless women at every turn -- that had more of a whiff of parody (cheaply exploitative parody as it was). I'm talking about having the only female characters in the movie being either deceitful bitches, helpless damsels, or, in one case, too vain to go on living. I don't even think this stuff was intentional, which makes it more bothersome. In a better movie, I would have easily forgiven it. This isn't that movie.

Notable Edits: I watched it on Showtime, so blissfully: none.

Scary Or Funny? Well it ain't funny. There are some parts that are tense and there are other parts that are gross, so while I wasn't ever quite terrified, I'd definitely label it "scary."

Best Killing? None of the best parts were killings, but the two most memorable (and best) scenes were the chainsaw sequence (imaginative, disgusting, and mean) and the eyeball sequence (SO gross, so intense).

Future Airings: Wednesday 2:45 AM (Showtime Next); Sunday 1:10 AM (Showtime Beyond)

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SecretMargo said...

I was just shocked at how conventional the thing was. I was bracing for, you know, torture porn, that bogeyman that's gonna hijack narrative with snuff aesthetics and turn us all into psychopaths, but no: just a kinda boring, if gory, action film complete with an escape and rescue at the end.

StickyKeys said...

One of my best friends simply told about this movie and I had nightmares. She's a really great movie teller.

I can't stand to actually watch these things, they make me sick.

lumenatrix said...

Delurking to say I totally agree with you. I hated this movie, mostly just because it wasn't scary at all, just gross. There was absolutely no tension or fear built up at all, not even any real mystery to solve. If you don't have the buildup, the gore can't really pay off as a scare.

You are also totally right about the crazy mysogyny. It was so very bad.