Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Gorge-Fest, Day Ten: The Omen II

Movie: Damien: Omen II (2005)
Director: Don Taylor
...Who Went On To Make: A whole bunch of TV movies, none of which I have ever seen or heard of.
Channel: Fox Movie Channel

First Impressions: Actually, not entirely as bad as I was expecting, and by the end not as bad as the first twenty minutes or so led me to believe. That being said, those first twenty minutes had me thinking this would be the worst follow-up to a classic movie I'd ever seen. Worse, even, than Exorcist II. Rest easy, fans of William Holden and Lee Grant, that is not the case. Exorcist II remains the most disappointing movie of all time. The problems with Omen II are threefold: 1) Damien is no longer a silently creepy little kid -- he's a whiny, foppish, poorly-performed weirdo; 2) The whole movie is a total retread of the first, watching a whole new cast of characters spend the entire movie figuring out who Damien is before failing to kill him; and 3) the military-industrial complex subplot is tedious, obvious, and a waste of time. That being said, the twist at the end is cool, if obvious, William Holden is so hysterically 1970s and I don’t know how he and Richard Burton made it through their lives without having a deathmatch for the rights to that same girm, jowly expression they shared. And Sylvia Sidney! I could listen to that tobacco-ravaged voice all day.

Notable Edits: None, though FoxMovies failed to grace us with any background info this time, which is too bad. I'd love to know whose bright idea this was.

Scary Or Funny? Due to a few key scenes, it manages to still be scary.

Best Killing? The woman being killed by the crow would have been a frontrunner (a total secret fear of mine) if it didn't end so predictably. So that opens things up for the guy on the elevator who gets split in half at the waist. That'll do.

Future Airings: none that I can find

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