Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Gorge-Fest, Day Nine: Day Of The Dead

Movie: Day Of The Dead (1985)
Director: George A. Romero
...Who Went On To Make: Land Of The Dead; The Dark Half
Channel: IFC

First Impressions: Not what I expected. This is probably sacrilege, but I found most of this movie unspeakably boring. And, much in the same as my underwhelmed (and kind of annoyed) reaction to Land of the Dead, I feel like the political overtones end up overwhelming the movie, to the point where it feels like a position paper rather than a monster movie. Night of the Living Dead made a political statement too, and it still managed to be the scariest movie I'd ever seen when I first saw it. This movie spends an hour and a half with humans squabbling and fighting amongst each other in order to hammer home the totally novel points that science oftentimes plays God and that military types are macho and prone to violence and bossiness. Groundbreaking, that. All that said, once the zombies storm the compound, as you knew they would, the havoc they wreak is...well, not worth the boredom of the first two-thirds of the movie, but it's pretty cool.

Notable Edits: Thanks to IFC, no.

Scary Or Funny? Um...scary bad, I guess.

Best Killing? All the zombie killings where they essentially swarm the humans and rip them apart with their bare hands are wonderfully disgusting, but the obvious gold medal winner is when the army captain gets his lower half separated from his upper half, then screams at the zombies retreating with his legs to "Choke on it!"

Future Airings: None this week.

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JA said...

It's not sacrilege, Joe; a lot of people were really disappointed with Day. I like it for all the incredible gore, the best in the series I think, but always forget all the boring stuff until I sit down and watch it again.

Joe R. said...

Oh, yeah. I take no issue with the gore other than the fact that it took so long getting there.

Agnes said...

I'm just sad that you didn't mention Dawn of the Dead, arguably the finest entry in the quadrilogy (if that's even a word). It's more about social commentary:

"But why would they come to the mall?"
"It was an important place in their lives."

And though, Tom Savini as leader of the biker gang is cheesetastic. His gore is spot on.

Joe R. said...

Believe me, if Dawn of the Dead had been airing on TV this week, it would've made a better choice.