Monday, September 10, 2007

Tales From The Rock

So right now, I'm sitting in my office, doing work, and listening to Billy Bush record his segments for tonight's Access Hollywood. Just Billy Bush -- talking quite loudly -- about Oprah being in New York and Britney at the VMAs, all while standing on this rooftop below our window. This is so weird. This was the same place I saw Brian Williams filming promos for NBC News on Friday, so maybe this is the Promo Roof rather than just the Billy Bush Screams Outside Your Window And Makes It Impossible To Work roof.


jessica said...

I have a funny Billy Bush story which probably doesn't translate well on a blog, but I will tell it anyway.

When I went to L.A. in '04 around Oscar time, my friend and I were standing on Hollywood Blvd. behind a huge fence with a green tarp covering it, so as not to allow us views of the celebrities. All the rabid people, however, were tearing holes in said tarp, thwarting The Man. So there we are, pressed against a chain-link fence, peering through a 3-inch diameter rip right at Billy Bush's backside where he's set up to do arrival interviews. Everyone around is screaming at any limo that pulls up or bedazzled woman who walks by, claiming to have seen everyone from Whitney Houston and Britney Spears to mistaking Shoreh Agdashloo for Catherine Zeta-Jones. Frustrated and tired, we join in the fun, screaming Billy Bush's name at the top of our lungs. He turns around, beaming at us, thrilled he has fans. We continue, "You're the only psuedo-celebrity we can see!" He wasn't so pleased with that one, and turned around in quite a huff.

Good times.

floretbroccoli said...


Welcome to New York. Land of you-can't-park-because-we're-filming-Law-and_Order.

StickyKeys Says: said...

That sounds fab Joer! Why are you in an office? Did you get another job or is this all for twop? Are you all corporate whores now?! :DDD