Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sally Field: 1; Conservative Sea Hags: 0

Say what you will about Sally Field's semi-unhinged, crazy-eyed, Fox-censored Emmy acceptance speech, the lady's got to be doing something right if the Conservative Shadow Cabal has gone to the trouble of siccing Michelle Malkin on her. Nice of Malkin to A) largely miss the point of what Field was saying (or more likely, deliberately mischaracterize it), and B) make Conservatives of her ilk look pants-wettingly afraid of Grandma Gidget and the sway she might hold over public opinion, like Sally's considering running for office and is ahead of Bush in the polls (aside: she probably would be). You can feel the panic as Malkin screechingly implores us to ignore the woman on the stage with the trophy. "Liberal elite! La-La Land! Looney lousy limousine liberal lady lacks love of leaders! Pay no attention!!!"

Note also that Malkin also name-drops (and slams) Cindy Sheehan in her "column," which makes me think the number one demographic the Republicans are most afraid of losing their grip on are women with children. And they seem to think they can intimidate those mothers into voting red and giving their sons to the desert by calling them wimps. Classy as ever, GOP.

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jessica said...

Way to completely miss the point, Malkin. At which juncture, in defending themselves from these dirt-throwing bullies, do our children become the bullies themselves? Is retaliation always justified? When does it end?

I don't think anyone is saying mothers aren't ferocious and combative when called upon to defend their families; every mother I know is, including myself. But I would fight harder to keep my son out of war than I ever would encourage him to engage in one.