Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Your Weekly YouTube

It seems that every time I post here lately it's to apologize for not posting more. I hate that and I promise to do better...once I've completed the move. Heh. For now, expect an Actors Tournament update this week and hopefully some Trailer Trash as well.

Right now, enjoy the fruits of my procrastination. I was tooling around YouTube, looking for Madonna's "Like A Prayer" video (as you do), when I came across this video, which is like the greatest thing I've seen this week:

I know it's the kind of thing you'd be able to encounter on campus around 2 AM when the acoustic guitars get busted out and everyone's drunk but not too drunk. But this is like the absolute highest quality to which a performance like that can aspire. I've been listening to it all day. (All due props to the artist, Dave Werner, who also does a cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" that manages to be even better. Click and watch, I'm serious.)

It also got me to thinking about how a) "Like A Prayer" is an awesome song in any incrarnation, but also b) it's never quite the same without the burning crosses and bloody tears of the music video (the greatest music video ever, and I'm not hearing any arguments). I'm happy I've finally heard a version by someone who can actually sing, it's true, but sometimes you need to just watch the video and patiently wait for the day Madonna creates a full-length musical about how she saves people from racism and puts it on Broadway. Or, I'm sorry, the West End. Anyway, in case you forgot the awesomeness:


Anonymous said...

Joe - Thanks for the video and the link it made me chuckle enough to get through the day, and wasn't hard on the eyes!!

Tamara said...

Love the video, Dave Warner rocks! Thanks for posting this, Joe. Miss your AI recaps.

Anonymous said...

His version of Usher's "Yeah" rocks as well!