Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Trailer Trash: Part 1

I went to the movies this week (should update the sidebar shortly), which means it's time for me to talk about...the trailers. I do love them so.

The Invasion (release date 8/17): The production for this one has been either "troubled" or "snake-bitten," depending on whether you believe Nicole Kidman's anke broke itself because it had problems with the script. I'm not sure we need to make the distinction, though, because I don't think this movie aspires to be much more than an asses-in-the-seats thriller for the end of summer. It appears to be a shockingly literal remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and in case we never saw the original, the trailer makes sure don't miss any plot development. Pros: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Jeffrey Wright, and Jeremy Northam make for a fine cast, and it's always fun to watch Veronica Cartwright unspool onscreen. Junk, but maybe enjoyable junk.

Things We Lost In The Fire (10/26): It looks like a pretty good showcase for Benicio Del Toro, and that can't be a bad thing. The fact that it's giving off Pursuit of Happyness vibes is less of a good sign, and hearing The Fray play over the trailer nudges me further in that direction. I don't know, it kind of seems like they grafted Del Toro's 21 Grams redemptive fuck-up onto Halle Berry's Monster's Ball mother in mourning and made it all about 60% happier. Not sure if that's what it takes to sell me.

The Darjeeling Limited (9/29): I've been looking forward to this movie more than any other this year. The return of Wes Anderson, his reunion with Jason Schwartzman, the first-time involvement of Adrien Brody...all good things. After watching the trailer, I'm not so much excited for it as not as overboard for it as I thought I'd be. Of course, the Life Aquatic trailer made me want to jump through my computer screen, and that ended up being something of a disappointment (though it's gotten better with rewatching and time -- it's halfway to "gets a bad rap" status), so perhaps the trailer isn't the best way to judge Wes Anderson's work. This still looks like it has every chance to be quite good. The Adrien Brody casting is near-brilliant -- he has the exact look Anderson's universe requires, like a Kennedy gone to seed. One thing: wasn't Natalie Portman supposed to be in this movie? Is that no longer happening? More's the pity if it's not.

Halloween (8/31): I know the brilliant and talented JA has expressed his serious distatse for Rob Zombie's re-boot of the Michael Myers saga, and I certainly defer to him on all matters horror, but if I'm being honest, this trailer really intrigued me. And creeped me out, in a serious way. I've said this before, but I really respect Rob Zombie as a dedicated student of the horror game, even if I haven't liked his movies. Malcolm McDowell playing Dr. Loomis is pretty good casting, too, though Donald Pleasance will never be topped. Also, pet peeve: August 31? For Halloween?? I've accepted that horror movies have, in recent years, crept earlier and earlier into September in a sad attempt to clear the deck for the Saw franchise, but THIS IS HALLOWEEN! Respect the holiday, mofos!

More in a bit! Can you stand it?


Kamikaze Camel said...

The Aug 31 release for Halloween is the strangest release date. It's actually ridiculous.

NYOne said...

A friend of mine saw a screening of Darjeeling Express and indeed, Natalie Portman was in it.

JA said...

You should never defer to me, Joe! It's like trusting Dr. Nick with open heart surgery. Seriously.

I've been doing so much damned waffling on Halloween. I can't make up my own mind if maybe reevaluating the Michael Myers myth will be interesting - out of all the movie-killers Myers is the only one I've ever had repeated nightmares about, so I certainly think he's worthy of hanging around - or useless.

SecretMargo said...

Why go to the trouble of naming your movie "Things We Lost In The Fire" and then use The (goddamn) Fray instead of a Low song from the album with that name (which I thought they'd named the movie after ... am I missing some larger cultural touchstone both are named after?)?

Sandman said...

Am I the only one who thinks that a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with the former Mrs. Cruise makes drawing certain parallels irresistible?

Sandman said...

Am I the only one who thinks that a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with the former Mrs. Cruise makes drawing certain parallels irresistible?