Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emmys '07: Exceptions That Prove The Rule

It's late, so I'm taking the Emmy nominations in list form. In short: a bad set of nominees, overall, but not nearly as bad as it might have been, which means I can't just froth at the mouth about it, which makes me hate the Emmys all the more. Anyhoo...

Good Nominations I Expected
30 Rock, The Office, Ugly Betty -- Best Comedy
Alec Baldwin
Steve Carell
Tina Fey
America Ferrera
Mary-Louise Parker
Sally Field
Edie Falco
Jamie Pressly
Elizabeth Perkins
Sandra Oh
Chandra Wilson

Good Nominations That Have Been A Long Time Coming
Ricky Gervais
Neil Patrick Harris
Rainn Wilson
Jenna Fischer
Aida Turturro

Not My Personal Choices, But Respectable
The Sopranos
James Gandolfini
Mariska Hargitay
T.R. Knight
Masi Oka
Terry O'Quinn
Michael Emerson
Vanessa Williams
Katherine Heigl

Not On My List, But She Rules
Rachel Griffiths

Grey's Anatomy
Tony Shaloub
Keifer Sutherland
James Spader
Felicity Huffman
Patricia Arquette
Jeremy Piven
William Shatner
Conchata Ferrell
Holland Taylor
Loraine Bracco

Boston Legal
Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen
Jon Cryer

New Blood, Don't Care
Kevin Dillon
Denis Leary

Don't Watch, But I Hear Good Things

Hugh Laurie
Kyra Sedgwick
Minnie Driver
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss

If I have time tomorrow: the always insulting Guest Actor/Actress awards. And how outrageous the Friday Night Lights snub was.


Kamikaze Camel said...

Kyra Sedgwick needs to win that category like RIGHT NOW. What on earth is Minnie Driver there for though? I didn't even know she had a tv series...

JOpinionated said...

Minnie Driver is amazing on The Riches, and the only reason I watch the show.

But I am similarly outraged by some egregious omissions, such as Lost and Friday Night Lights for Best Drama.

NYOne said...

Kevin Dillon is so great on Entourage - it's a strange role, to be sure, and no where near as flashy as Ari Gold. The first season it just felt as if he was playing a dummer version of himself. But Johnny Drama sneaks up on you, and lately (having only seen the 1st half of S3) he is my favorite character for both laughs and heart.

That being said, Rainn Wilson For The Win!

J.J. said...

I have to defend Boston Legal. Spader and Shatner certainly don't need more Emmys, but they are sensational together. And it's one of the few shows with an aggressive social conscience. Whenever I catch it, I find myself both amused and enlightened.

Two and a Half Men is indefensible.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Joe...I seem to remember a Golden Globes Diary where you dedicated dozens and dozens of words to Mariska Hargitay's proud, erect nipple (note: singular). Yet, now, she's been downgraded to "Not My Personal Choice, But Respectable"?

I...I don't know you, anymore.

Joe R. said...

Aw, I remember that nipple. Good times.

Kamikaze Camel said...

The problem with Hargitay is the exact same problem as the show itself. For a couple of seasons it's great and then it's just the same ol' same ol'. although at least the cast of SVU have more to do than the cast of regular L&O.

I imagine that most of the people complaining about the Boston Legal nod don't actually watch the show because if they did they'd realise that a) it's one of the best acted shows on tv, b) it's one of the best written shows on tv, c) it's better than most of the shows people are yelling "SNUB!" about and d) it's better than at least one other of the drama nominees.

I mean, House? Really? That show?! That show that has followed the exact.same.structure for every one of it's episodes? Puh-lease. And don't even get me started on the dullard factory that is Hugh Laurie.

Mathan said...

Joe, two words: The Wire.

How can a near universially praised show get completely snubbed?

Anonymous said...

Boston Legal is pure garbage. And yes, I've seen plenty of it to come to that conclusion. For it to be in the best drama series category in front of Lost, The Wire, Rome, The Shield, Dexter, Friday Night Lights, etc. is total and complete BS.

vance said...

That's a great way to divide the list! And I mostly agree.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Anon, who said anything about it winning? But still, if you hate it so much why do you watch it? Just so you can complain about it?

RC said...

i like how you shorted your list.

you should rent some house and give it a watch. then share your thoughts on how you think the show fits in with the rest of your list.

Neel Mehta said...

I know House has its detractors, but every show from the CSI and Law & Order factories also has the same episodic structure. They're called procedurals for a reason: they follow procedure.

That said, House is an awesome procedural, the best on TV, and in the rare episode that it deviates from the norm, watch out.

The Best Drama race probably won't be interesting, but it should. The favorites (The Sopranos and Grey's Anatomy) are perceived as having off-seasons. Heroes, a freshman fantasy series with a deflating finale, really won just by being nominated. With The Wire and Friday Night Lights not in the mix, there's no clear critical favorite. So might we see House or even Boston Legal make some noise? Say what you will about the latter -- in my opinion, it's not a drama -- but for what they are, both are peaking right now.