Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gay Superhero Photo Of The Week

This one might just get me to watch Canada's Next Top Model:

Which lead to this exchange:

Miss Alli: Wow.
Me: Yeah. He's like one of the X-Men.
Miss Alli: He's the X-Man "Negligee."


Sticky Keys said...

Another friend of mine blogged about this using the title "One Question". The question was "What in the Hell?" though I thought it was "Can I pull this off and does it come in my size?"

To which answers are yes and no. And those are my answers to you.

ps. Did you know Project Runway Canada is hosted by IMAN?! I so want Canadian tv right now.

NYOne said...

I especially enjoy the Angels in America (or Canada, as the case may be) lights he has going on behind him.

Joe R. said...

Oh my God, seriosuly. "The messenger has arrived...and he's plugging CoverGirl products!"

And I did not know that about PR Canada! I am so going to miss getting Canadian TV when I move.

SecretMargo said...

I think you mean "Negli-gay"

(I'm ... sorry. But it's really the first thing I thought)

Joe R. said...

Well. That was implied.

Brenda said...

Oh, I saw him on ET Canada or some such, he totally explained that the wings were done on purpose, SO THAT THE SHOW COULD COMPETE WITH SUPERHERO MOVIES, because The Fantastic Four is its main competition or something?

CNTM is way better than last year, because Jay is actually way into it, it's in Toronto, and they have put more money in it, possibly through product placement that seems ridiculous even by Top Model standards. They had one girl deliver a monologue on the greatness of Jello Pudding. It was amazing.