Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Recaps, Ahoy!

Drunk Kid signs his bill, downs the rest of what is surely his room-temperature pint of Coors Light, and then stumbles out the door and into oblivion. I mean that literally, because just as he begins to embark upon what we call the South Buffalo Shuffle (two wobbly steps forward, one to the side, two wobbly steps forward, one to the side), he gets run down by a passing sedan. Poor drunken frat boy. If only you were twenty-one, your body would have developed an exoskeleton capable of repelling speeding cars. ...That's how it works, right?

Read my most recent recap, this one for Veronica Mars, "Un-American Graffiti." Come for the unnecessary baiting of online fandom, stay for the hysterical defense of underage drinking.

Also, the "wee-caps" for Real World/Road Rules Challenge continue:

Like Henna For Assholes: "
Ace (with Cara) and Kenny (with Jenn) share wall time and fight to see who can out-spazz the other..."

Tonya's Off Her Meds: "
Score one for Tonya! Shit, score two. I know it's only a matter of time before she regresses and starts humping stop signs, but I'm currently enjoying New Tonya."


Jeff said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates the opening song. I caught up over the winter, and it drove me crazy every time I watched an episode. I've been known to mocking sing it when imbibing with other viewers. "Cmon now sugar, bring it on, bring it on yeah!" Ghastly.

jessica said...

Good job on the VM recap, though I must say I missed you on Idol, not that the Couch Baron wasn't divine, as always. I guess I was just really looking forward to hearing what you had to say about Bon Jovi and the sad (but deserved) exit of your boyfriend.

Idol is so weird for me this year, I swear. Like, tonight I should be thrilled because for the first time ever I'm completely thrilled with the top 3 and think it is exactly right and yet I can't stop wondering whether Barry Gibb is dressing exactly like my dad or if my dad is dressing exactly like Barry Gibb.

I'm ... not even kidding. The hair, the beard, the bizarre shimmery shirt tucked in to WAY too tight jeans. Maybe my dad IS Barry Gibb. If only someone could tell me if he was wearing ridiculously fancy cowboy boots on stage tonight I'd know for sure.

Joe R. said...

@ jeff: I actually like the song well enough, I just hate the noir-time remix of it that they've used this year.

@ jessica: Couch Baron's thoughts eerily represented my own. Thought it was a great week overall, and Chris's exit was heartbreaking but probably came at the right time.

Jeff said...

See, for me, my response for S3 was, thank god they've finally changed it, no, no they didn't it still sucked, well, fuck. Seriously, S1-2 opening were not good as it were (theme-wise), I did not need the cocktease of the possible change,

And, well, appparently since I commented last, further evidence has appeared of my reaction to the theme. Bear in mind, that night I had had more Red Bulll than in my life prior (ty open bar)...¤t=Jeff.flv