Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blogging The Upfronts: Day 4: FOX

FOX and the CW announced their schedules today. Not nearly as interesting as the "big 3" networks, but I'm a completist, and there's enough worth talking about besides.

FOX Fall Schedule:


8 p.m. "Prison Break"
9 p.m. "K-ville"


8 p.m. "New Amsterdam"
9 p.m. "House"


8 p.m. "Back to You"
8:30 p.m. "'Til Death"
9 p.m. "Bones"


8 p.m. "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"
9 p.m. "Kitchen Nightmares"

8 p.m. "The Search For The Next Great American Band"
9 p.m. "Nashville"

8 p.m. "The Simpsons"
8:30 p.m. "King of the Hill"
9 p.m. "Family Guy"
9:30 p.m. "American Dad"

Then, in January:
-- 24 returns to Mondays at 9
--American Idol returns to Tuesdays/Wednesdays, kicking Bones and New Amsterdam to Fridays
-- The Sara Conner Chronicles airs Sundays at 9
-- Canterbury's Law airs Thursdays at 9
-- The Return of Jezebel James airs Wednesdays at 8:30


-- Airing two new reality shows on Friday nights -- including the Idol band spinoff -- seems like a monumentally stupid idea. Fridays are for game shows, procedurals, and dumb-looking new shows with puns in the title. Speaking of which...

New shows:

Redemptive cop drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans, starring Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser. Um...pass?

Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton are back on TV! Can I get a whoop-whoop? No? But they're newsanchors! He's a selfish womanizer, she's an uptight bitch, it can't lose! In news of unironic excitement, Fred Willard co-stars. On the other hand, he's essentially retreading his role from Best in Show and is almost guaranteed to not be as funny. Pass.

Lasse Hallstrom's drama series about an immortal police officer...named John Amsterdam. What did I say about the pun-centric show titles? Pass.

Julianna Marguiles plays Elizabeth Canterbury -- oh, for Pete's sake, not again -- a "rebellious female defense attorney." Did we really need it spelled out that Julianna Marguiles is playing a female, FOX press release writer? Anyway: courtroom drama, blah blah. Linus Roache (most recently of Kidnapped) and Ben Shenkman (Angels in America) make the supporting cast a reason to give this a shot. Once or twice.

The Terminator TV series that we've all heard about, with 300's Lena Headey as Sara Conner and Thomas Dekker -- late of Heroes -- as the decidedly heterosexual John Conner. Firefly crazies can look forward to Summer Glau in the supporting cast as well. This takes place between T2 and T3 in the chronology, during young master Conner's journey from Edward Furling to Nick Stahl. Probably will give this a shot as well.

Ah, now this is the stuff. Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose in Amy Sherman-Palladino's follow-up to Gilmore Girls? With a plot involving surrogate pregnancies and imaginary childhood friends? Pencil me in. Please ignore the fact that, in the photo I posted up top, Lauren Ambrose looks like she has Downs Syndrome. No, she's not reprising her Law & Order role from back in the day. Bad publicity photo, FOX. Fix that. Anyway, with this, I am officially looking forward to as many January premieres and I am September premieres. What times we live in!

Next: the CW schedule.

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